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Using John’s list I jumped into a number of locations. Some were better developed than others. My general impression is that they all can use a lot of work. Even the commercial locations are not as well developed as the commercial games. The difference is telling but not surprising. Clearly the vast majority of commercial interactive games are created with large staffs of artists and programmers. As John well knows many thousands of hours and millions of lines of code define the worlds that they create. I don’t know whether it is the limitation of the programming environment or the lack of applied resources that creates this result. I mention this because our audience will contain large number of people who have experienced game interactive environments and will bring those experiences with them. We probably need to keep this in mind as we proceed to exploit this environment for educational uses.

Yadni’s World

Great place to pick up a wide range of free material. Organized with a free section and also a commercial section. L1.00 seemed to be the going price for a number of items. Many of the items allow you to modify them. A number actually allow you to see the scripts that make them work. Once we learn more about scripting they should be useful as examples.

Abbott’s Aerodrome

One of the best developed sites on the list. It was a good example of the potential that SL has to bring excitement to the learning process. It doesn’t take much imagine a script that brings the laws of aerodynamics into play with visual examples. Some of the best artwork I saw during my visits.

AKK Horse Ranch Island

Great place to let your imagination go and explore the possibilities of working and playing with horses. Also has an object lesson on the type of SL world crime that is present. I liked the potential that it presented. Animations seemed a bit choppy. My settings may have something to do with it.

Edunation Edushop

Interesting place to learn about applying the available technology to education. Edushop has a number of free tools that can help and educator set up a location for teaching.

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  1. You should try visiting Overdrive Island! This is a great place to go and the architecture resembles a real city scape.

    I matched a bunch of concepts about the economy when I first came here with a Second Life friend. He showed me around and I became more familiar with how things work and transactions are made.

    It’s very true that there are many places that are not built up very well, but I have visited some that have detailed work and good craftmanship. Next time you see me in-world, hit me up with a message and I’ll show you a few places.

    Great post!

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