BMET – What do they do?

BMET is an acronym shared by the Biomedical Engineering Technologist and the Biomedical Equipment Technician.  Both terms refer to a technologist who installs and/ or maintains the medical devices created by biomedical engineers or other product development engineers. These technologists typically work in the hospital but are also found working as field engineers for the various medical device manufacturers and maintaining field hospitals for the military.   Historically they have been educated at the associates of science level or at the military biomedical equipment technician schools.  More recently a B.S. degree has been created which offers the potential for more design and management related opportunities.   As a group they are asked to evaluate, manage, install and repair a wide variety of technologies that in addition to complex medical equipment and lab integration ranges from two way radios to steam sterilization chambers.

Here is a description by a 24×7 salary survey respondent. It demonstrates the breadth of the job field from BMET I through BMET III and management.

“Our biomeds often find themselves in purchasing roles, performing shipping and receiving tasks, following up on incorrect equipment purchases and exchanges, educating staff, sourcing vendors and hardware for unique circumstances or projects, project planning and oversight, consultation, etc”

A more extensive description is available at the following URL.

If you wish to delve more deeply into this area the AAMI site is very useful. Accredited programs can be found listed at the following URL. Search under the Discipline category for Biomedical and Bioengieering.

See List of Accredited Bioengineering and Bioengineering Technology Programs

A more inclusive list of BMET programs is given below:

List of Schools Offering BMET programs

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