List of Schools Offering BMET programs

The following is a list of schools that offer BMET (Biomedical Equipment Technicians or Biomedical Engineering Technology ) programs. There are a couple of certificates in the list. The majority are associate degrees. This list contains both accredited and unaccredited programs. Accredited programs are reviewed by ABET, Inc. on a regular basis and as a result have a higher assurance that they will be up on the latest industry requirements. ( See List of Schools Offering Accredited BMET Programs and Biomedical Engineering Technology ) If you are interested in designing new biomedical products an engineering program is more appropriate. Biomedical Engineering programs which incorporate a strong electrical, mechanical, software ( computational biology or bioinformatics ) or chemical engineering core which include at least two senior level courses in that core are recommended. I can help find those programs for a reasonable fee. Simply contact me by clicking the contact form under the copyright notice to the left. See List of Schools Offering Accredited Biomedical Engineering Programs Here is some medical device industry feedback on student preparation that will be helpful. Biomedical Industry Feedback Your feedback is important! Express yourself here. One Question Blog Poll

List of BMET schools:

Aims Community College Greeley Campus
Bates Technical College
Bellingham Technical College
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
Broward Community College
Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute
Central Georgia Technical College
Chattahoochee Technical College
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Community College of the Air Force Maxwell Air Force Base
Community College of the Air Force Sheppard AFB
County College of Morris
Dakota County Technical College
Delaware Tech
Delgado Community College
Devry Federal Way Campus Devry Federal Way website
Devry University -Pomona
Devry University – Dallas
Devry University – Fremont
Devry University- Phoenix
Devry University- Ft. Washington
Devry University- Miramar
Devry University- North Brunswick
Devry University-Addison
Devry University-Chicago
Devry University-Columbus
Devry University-Decatur
Devry University-Houston
Devry University-Kansas City
Devry University-Tinley Park
Dona Ana Branch Community College of New Mexico State University
East Tennessee State University Technology Department
ECPI College of Technology Main Campus
Erie Institute of Technology
Florida State College
Gateway Community College
Houston Community College
Howard Community College
Jefferson State Community College
Johnson College
Linn State Technical College
Los Angeles Valley College
Louisiana Technical College
Madisonville Community College
Marshall Community and Technical College
Milwaukee Area Technical College
New Mexico State University at Alamogordo
North Arkansas College
North Seattle Community College
Northwest-Shoals Community College
Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College
Owens Community College School of Technology
Penn State – New Kensington
Portland Community College Sylvania Campus,
Salt Lake Community College
Santa Fe Community College
Schoolcraft College
South Suburban College
Southeast Technical Institute
Southeastern Community College West Burlington Campus
Spokane Community College
St. Louis Community College
St. Philip’s College
Stanly Community College
Technical College of the Lowcountry
Texas State Technical College – Harlingen
Texas State Technical College Marshall
Texas State Technical College
The Wistar Institute
Thomas Edison State College
Tulsa Community College
Vincennes University
Western Technical College

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14 thoughts on “List of Schools Offering BMET programs

  1. I am grateful to you for sharing a list of schools that offer BMET programs. I actually have a son who is planning to have a career in the said field, and the list you’ve provided would definitely give us a lot of options on where he would most likely want to take the said program. Thanks for sharing this again.

    1. Thank you. I truly appreciate the feedback. It’s my distinct pleasure to provide you and the readers of this blog information they can use to make informed decisions about the BMET field. My most recent post on the number of graduates in 2016 reports the Bureau of Labor predictions for jobs in the field and it is very good. The job prediction greatly exceeds the current degree graduation rates plus certificates. The aging BMET’s are beginning to disappear at rapid rate. I’ll be posting on the subject in the future.

  2. I am a veteran looking for a BMET program in the greater Boston area. Because of requirements of the veterans reentry assistance program (vrap) the school cannot offer a four year degree. Can you help.

  3. Searching the surrounding states is not an option for me I guess I will just try studying Electromechanical automation maybe I will find my way in in the future..WHEN THE MARICOPA COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT FINALLY GETS THERE ACT TOGETHER AND OFFERS A DEGREE IN BIO MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY

    1. Hello Mike,

      I am surprised that there isn’t an A.S. degree offered in your area. Whatever you decide make sure that you will get a lot of hands on experience in the labs and an internship opportunity specific to the degree. Also ask for names of the companies that provided the internships. Finally ask about the percentage of recent graduates that got jobs with the degree you are interested in getting. You may also wish to go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and look at job projections for automation related positions.

      Joaquin Mayoral, PhD

      P.S. I just added a new selection under the BMET tab at the Academic Program Information Resource blog which will allow you to check by state the number of schools that had BMET graduates in 2010.

  4. DOes anyone know of a public school in Arizona that teaches Biomedical equipment technology I cant seem to find one I have lobbied Maricopa community college district to start one somewhere but they seem unresponsive?

      1. already done an internet search the only programs in Az that I can find is At Devry which is super expensive and in my opinion overrated as a school since I studied electronics there and Brown Mackie which doesn’t have national accreditation

      2. Dear Anonymous,

        If that is the case you need to do a search on the surrounding states. Check to see just whether their success rate is in placing graduates. You can also check the number of graduates in 2010 at Academic Program Information Resource if they reported it.

        Joaquin Mayoral, PhD

  5. Thanks for including us in your listing of BMET programs. Just wanted to inform you that the name of our institution is Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College. Also the hot link doesn’t function–our entire URL ( is not underlined.

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