MDIFS#2: Feedback from Experienced Engineers – Sterilization

Sebastian Eulogio holds an M.S.E.E. and an MBA and works at Advanced Sterilization Products.  He was recently performing his business role at a manufacturing show when I asked him what he thought would improve the employment chances of a Biomedical Engineer that had just graduated.  He mentioned three areas.

  1. Microbiology
  2. Design for sterilization ( packaging and device )
  3. Quality function deployment

Courses in microbiology clearly are important in the sterilization field.  They provide the engineer with the type of insight that is needed to improve the design of sterilization systems.  Microbiology and sterilization background is also important for designing bioreactors ( See  Industrial Biotechnology: A Future Source of Biomedical Engineering Jobs? )  Equally important is knowing how to design for sterilization.  On the product development end of the spectrum Quality Function Deployment ties how customer needs ( Voice of the Customer ) are addressed by the engineering characteristics of the design.

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