Boeing Ranks Engineering Departments but Keeps Results Private

Boeing has decided to rank the colleges that have sent it engineers by their graduates job success at the company. With 35,000 engineers in its employ the results will provide a very interesting contrast to the News and World Report rankings which are based on the opinions of deans and professors. 150 engineering deans should have received their rankings in the past few weeks. Unfortunately Boeing has kept the rankings private sending them only to the deans and not the public.  I don’t particularly agree with their decision to keep the results private because it is unlikely that even a Boeing by itself can change engineering curriculum.  Parents and students voting with their feet would speak much louder.

There are a number of issues with the Boeing rankings but the intent is to provide the engineering departments feedback on curriculum and preparation for an engineering career from the Boeing point of view. One of the main goals of this blog is to get medical device and pharmaceutical industry feedback to the Biomedical Engineering student. We can hope that Boeing’s initiative will be the first of many by industry to get curricula aligned to industry needs.  In the mean time I would like to invite corporations interested in providing a list of the knowledge and skills they would really like to see in an entry level Biomedical Engineer for their industry segment make there wishes known here.  Parents and prospective BME students could then ask the appropriate questions of the programs they are considering.  Simply use the contact form provided above.

See Boeing to Rank Colleges by Measuring Graduates’ Job Success

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