MDIF#5: B.S BME plus M.S. in Electrical, Mechanical or Software

This quote is being presented anonymously but has a suggestion that may not have occurred to the B.S. BME graduate.  Instead of a M.S. in BME go for a M.S. in one of the traditional engineering fields.

“Director, Medical Programs at a Medical Patient Care Systems and Lab Automation Manufacturing Corporation

  1. Felt that Biomedical Engineers seemed more geared towards biology than traditional engineering applications.
  2. His needs were for engineers that could perform analysis in the mechanical, electrical fields or create software.
  3. Suggests a B.S. Biomedical Engineering plus an M.S. in either Electrical, Mechanical or Software engineer as the best way to go”

Point number 1 picks up on a theme that has been mentioned before in this series.  The impression of the B.S. BME graduate is more interested in working with biological systems.  Point number 3 provides a very interesting suggestion although the B.S. BME would probably need to take some bridge courses to make up the deficit in basic background.  I believe it indicates that the manager appreciates the background that the B.S. BME is getting but can not justify their hiring unless they have more depth in Electrical, Mechanical or Software.  Another way of saying this is if the recently graduated B.S. BME had a strong core in Electrical, Mechanical or Software to begin with they would be more attractive. Of course experience ( internship, co-op, general manufacturing, etc. ) is still important.

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