MDIFS#6: Current and Future Knowledge and Skills Needed for Healthcare Industry

I have been communicating with Niko Drivas about the subject of bioengineering curriculum and he has insights about what should be included in a BME curriculum and what he sees as current and future areas a biomedical engineer could address. He began his career in the engineering professional development program at Abbott Laboratories as a B.S. BME ( Bioengineer ).

Niko Drivas, B.S. BME, M.S. International Business, Sr Business Development & Licensing Manager, Abbott Molecular Diagnostics

“I believe a fundamental understanding of both the pharmaceutical and medical device development process is very helpful to graduates starting at any Biotech, Pharmaceutical or Medical Device company. Other desirable skills include Project Management, Regulatory Requirements, Biologic Manufacturing, Intellectual Property Law, Biochemistry, Pharmacogenomics and Systems Biology. Skills and experience in these fields are in high demand and a degree in Biomedical Engineering is a good foundation for these and many more fields within healthcare. ”

In reply to a suggestion that graduates would be better prepared if they had ” project management course, business course, FDA regulations, statistics, etc.

I would agree with all the subjects you’ve listed below and add Biochemistry, Molecular Diagnostics, Medical Imaging, and BioData/Computing. Further, I’d recommend introductory courses (eg “freshman year”) in these areas so that students would have more options to pick tracks that would go more in-depth depending on interest.”

Points to note:

1. The suggestion that the BME curriculum should give the student more in-depth education in a particular area. It is that depth of education that currently limits the B.S. BME options after graduation.

2. The suggestion that programs prepare students for Biologic Manufacturing supports a previous article identifying bioreactors as a technical area that biomedical engineering programs with appropriate resources should strongly consider addressing.

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