List of Schools Offering Accredited Biological Engineering Programs

The following is a list of ABET Inc. accredited Biological Engineering Programs. These programs address the engineering aspects of creating products using biological processes.  As such you could say they are the engineering response to applying our quickly expanding knowledge of the human, animal and microbe genomes and their cellular processes to create useful products.  As you can see there are not very many.  The industries they address may find the skills that a Biomedical Engineer can bring to the table very useful.

University of Idaho BS Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S. Chemical Biological Engineering
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities BBE Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University BS Biological Engineering
Polytechnic Institute of New York University BS Chemical and Biological Engineering
Purdue University at West Lafayette BS Biological and Food Process Engineering
Purdue University at West Lafayette BS Agricultural and Natural Resources Engineering

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