New Electrostatic Sanitation Method Could Have Medical Device Sterilization Uses

Sterilization is a critical piece in the manufacture of many medical products. There are a number of aspects that need to be considered when designing a product that can be sterilized. One of the most challenging issues is getting the sterilant to every surface of the product. Here is a very interesting approach to getting intimate contact between a sterilant and the object that needs to be sterilized. It appears that it has a large potential to reduce sterilization time since it would bring the sterilant into intimate contact with the product surface very quickly.

Its called electrostatic sterilization. The concept is based on a differential charge between the sterilant and the object to be sterilized.

Although applied to agricultural products in this example the process could easily be modified for medical products. I was unable to find an example of medical application using this type of technology for sterilization.

See Electrostatic sanitation or sterilization system

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