Looking for a Job? Get an Overview with Tomorrow’s Jobs from the OOH 2008-09

If you are trying to figure out what degree to invest your education money into or are out of a job looking for some insight into where you should look you can get an insight first hand from the U.S. Department of Labor. The Occupation Outlook Handbook for 2008-09  general overview gives a pretty extensive summary of what to expect in the job market as a nationwide trend between 2006-2016.   Keep in mind we are already in year 3 of the 10 year projection.

Biomedical Engineers and BMET’s will be interested to know that although manufacturing jobs are predicted to decrease 10.8% overall the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry jobs are expected to increase by 23.8 %.    Job seekers should keep in mind that although some job categories are not growing quickly or even declining 34 million of the 50 million job openings between 2006 and 2016 will be become available as a result of replacement needs.  Its probably fair to say that a significant percentage of those replacements are  a result of the baby boom generation retiring.  Due in good part to the aging population healthcare and social assistance which includes public and private hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and individual and family services will add 4,000,000 jobs in the ten year period.  BME’s and BMET’s should note that  corporations that are creating product for healthcare have been and will be trying to create new products to help these professions and facilities manage their growing patient populations.  Home healthcare has been an area of considerable interest given the reduced costs and lower probability of hospital acquired diseases or in medical terms lower morbidity.   BME and BMET students may want to keep the manufacturing and home healthcare trends  in mind as they choose their senior projects and look for internship opportunities.

In addition;

“Employment in professional, scientific, and technical services will grow by 28.8 percent and add 2.1 million new jobs by 2016. Employment in computer systems design and related services will grow by 38.3 percent and add nearly one-fourth ( ~500,000 ) of all new jobs in professional, scientific, and technical services. Employment growth will be driven by the increasing reliance of businesses on information technology and the continuing importance of maintaining system and network security. Management, scientific, and technical consulting services also will grow at a staggering 78 % and account for another third of growth ( ~700,000)  in this supersector. Demand for these services will be spurred by the increased use of new technology and computer software and the growing complexity of business.”

See Tomorrow’s Jobs from the OOH 2008-09

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