IUPUI Seeks B.S. BMET Accreditation in 2009-10 Timeframe

In November 2005 the IUPUI campus of Purdue requested approval of a new B.S. Biomedical Engineering Technology program.  In addition it requested the change of name for its long standing A.S. Biomedical Electronics Technology program to A.S. Biomedical Engineering Technology.  This application followed on the heels of a long developing realization by the program that the BMET career field was rapidly evolving in increasing complexity and depth.  It was also undoubtedly influenced by the entry of the DeVry University B.S. BMET program which I introduced and lead for three and a half years.  A number of these programs were accredited in 2007.  If the IUPUI accreditation process is on track the B.S. BMET should be accredited this year or early next.

The addition of the IUPUI B.S. BMET program is another indication of the continuing and increasing need for engineering level technical expertise at the application end of the spectrum for the increasingly complex medical devices and healthcare delivery systems.  The new accredited B.S. BMET program will provide welcome competition.  I expect this addition will help spur reevaluation of current A.S. BMET programs and lead to higher levels of quality education in all the current BMET programs.

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