Biomedical Engineering Programs (Schools, Colleges) Reporting Between 40 and 49% Women In Their 2007 Graduating Class

The Biomedical Engineering programs ( schools, colleges ) attract a higher proportion of women than any other engineering program.  I thought it would be interesting to show just how high the proportion is in some programs.  I am not aware of any explanation.  My guess is that the opportunity to contribute to the health of the community may be a motivating factor.   Men and women who work in the healthcare field are typically attracted to the prospect of helping patients in need.  Biomedical Engineering related positions in industry hold the promise of working on projects that will positively impact the lives of many patients if they proceed to commercialization.

School Total Graduates % Female
Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus 71 49%
University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus 35 49%
Mississippi State University 25 48%
University of Miami 25 48%
The University of Texas at Austin 91 46%
University of Cincinnati-Main Campus 22 45%
Stony Brook University 20 45%
Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus 36 44%
North Carolina State University at Raleigh 36 44%
Washington State University 9 44%
Yale University 21 43%
University of Rochester 35 43%
University of Pennsylvania 61 43%
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 54 43%
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 31 42%
Georgia Institute of Technology-Main Campus 91 42%
Carnegie Mellon University 41 41%
SUNY at Binghamton 17 41%
Louisiana Tech University 17 41%
Johns Hopkins University 110 41%
Milwaukee School of Engineering 22 41%
Syracuse University 27 41%
University of Connecticut 37 41%
Columbia University in the City of New York 52 40%
Drexel University 72 40%
University of Alabama at Birmingham 10 40%
University of Virginia-Main Campus 70 40%
Case Western Reserve University 101 40%

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