Teaching Tools: Cardiovascular Diagnosis For The Layman Biomedical Engineer

Understanding how a medical professional goes about their business on a day to day basis gives a product development engineer the type of base knowledge that can be built upon to gain a solid  appreciation for their needs.  The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has a number of interactive labs that could serve that purpose.  This type of knowledge would be useful for a fledgling engineer to get a deeper insight into the general process used to diagnose and treat patients.  It should be noted that the patient interview, observation and reaction to a doctor’s first hand manipulations ( chest thump, reflex test, flexion of limbs, etc. ) are the initial and many times the only information the doctor needs to make a diagnosis.  The high technology diagnostic equipment comes into play only after the doctor gets stumped or wants to verify the diagnosis for medical or legal reasons ( defensive medicine ).  The following link allows the engineer to walk  through some of a doctor’s diagnostic process when cardiovascular disease is suspected.

HHMI Virtual Cardiology Laboratory

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