Dramatic Increase in BMET Certificates

It appears that a number of schools have decided to address the BMET shortage by offering BMET certificates.   In the recent past technicians gaining BMET related education through certificates have been in mid 20’s but in 2009 the reported number jumped to 125. This dramatic increase seems to indicate that a number of junior colleges and colleges have decided that addressing the BMET shortage is to their advantage. Given the longer life spans, the increasing proportion of elderly patients in the health care system and an increase in home care the need for BMET is likely to remain for many years to come.

Point of confusion. There are Biomedical Engineers and there are Biomedical Electronic Technicians / Biomedical Engineering Technologists

See:The Difference Between a Biomedical Engineer and a BMET

Table of BMET Graduation Stats by Degree

Male Female Total

< 1 year 41 31 72
Other Degree 1year < 2 years 26 17 43
2 years < 4 years 8 2 10
Total 75 50 125

Description of BMET duties

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