Heritage Provider Network Offers $3M Prize For Health Predicting Algorithm

Following the example of the X- Prize and the Kremer Prize the Heritage Provider Network (HPN) has offered a $3,000,000 prize to anyone or group that can create an algorithm that will predict health status and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations within a year of the evaluation.  This formidable task is expected to use patient medical records, and other available data to identify individuals that are at risk.  The overall concept is that once these patients are identified health care providers can create custom health care maintenance plan to address the predicted condition and theoretically keep the patient out of the hospital.  The prize offering is clearly targeted at promoting a health oriented care system which focuses on preventative medicine using data driven decision making.  This idea has been around for some time but doesn’t fit neatly into the diagnose and treat the disease oriented medicine that is widely practiced in the profit and nonprofit U.S. health systems.

It is clear that HPN is one of those health organizations that has made a very strong commitment to preventative care.  The Heritage Provider Network Vision and Overview web page states that “HPN’s preventive health care services are widely acknowledged to be among the broadest and most advanced in the industry”.   Its not clear whether the algorithm which wins the prize will be offered to the public at large but HPN’s mission states that it is focused on helping the society at large.

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