Should Engineering Become A Staple Of Elementary and Secondary Education?

George Bugliarello certainly believes that engineering concepts should become part of the basic curriculum.   Engineering, as a discipline, instills a way at looking at things which is quite different from any other field.  In particular it differs from science in its focus on creating vs. investigating.  A number of engineering concepts are already being introduced in the primary and secondary schools in the form of small building projects ( building a bridge or a weight bearing structure with tooth picks, etc. ).  The subject matter is certainly introduced in many high schools today in the form of computer programming.  However, teaching a generalized structured thought process that can be used to consistently create a solution that meets the needs of a particular challenge is typically lacking.

Engineering is a creative art which is grounded in practicality.  It combines the use of the imagination with the discipline of science and mathematics.  In the most general sense engineering philosophy teaches how to use information logically to create durable solutions to problems or needs.  When you think about it in that broader sense engineering is what everyone attempts to do in their lives and their jobs at regular intervals.  I for one believe that adding engineering subject matter which introduces the engineering mind set to the primary and secondary education system should certainly be considered seriously.  What is you opinion?

George Bugliarello’s views can be learned below;

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