Monsanto Surges Ahead of the Pack in Part or Whole Animal Biotech Related Patents

Monsanto Corporation has been aggressively patenting in the Whole Animal or Part category. It can only be assumed that this is part of an overall strategy to control the market worldwide in genetically modified food products. Starting from the middle of the pack in 2006 Monsanto had increased its patents in this area ten fold by 2010. It has accumulated 765 patents in this particular category between 2006 and 2010 as an assignee. This doesn’t count any other patents in this area it may have accumulated by other means. The implications are left to the readers own particular interests. However, it is instructive to note how a corporation is actually trending in the specific patent area. The information can be used to knowledgeably focus a resume to a corporations current interests. Patents grant protection for 20 years for utility and 14 years for a design patent. So they are long term investments. It can take several years for a patent to be approved. However, a corporation will attempt to wring as much out of a patent during its life as they can.

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