Number of BMET Graduating in 2010 vs. Job Projections

The good news is that job openings projected by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) outstrip supply.  The BLS projects approximately 2300 replacements required per year for 2008 through 2018.  The National Center for Educa31tion Statistics (NCES) results and BLS forecast appears to support anecdotal and published claims of a continuing shortage of qualified BMET’s.

I checked for program content of the M.S. and Ph.D.’s  listed by the NCES in the “biomedical technology” degree category which includes BMET programs.   I was not able to find any program description at Tufts that offered the degrees that could be described as having a purely technology focus.  The website either did not describe such a degree or I didn’t look in the right place.    Not including the M.S. and Ph.D. programs about 22% of all the BMET graduating with degrees or obtaining certificates in 2010 were women.  That is an decrease of about 3 percentage points from 2009.    About 19% of the B.S BMET graduates in 2010 were women that is a decrease of about 3 percentage points  from 2009.  15% of the A.S. BMET graduates were women.  An increase of about 3 percentage points over 2009.  New this year  BMET certificates/other doubled over 2009 .  Women represent 39% of this group about the same as in 2009.  Women continue to be attracted to this degree in unusually high percentages for an electronics focues technical field.

                         Number of BMET Graduates by Degree in 2010
Men Women Total
A.S. 530 94 624
B.S. 75 18 93
M.S.* 8 3 11
Ph.D.** 2 4 6
Certificates 156 101 257
Total 771 220 991
*   Tufts University
** Tufts University

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2 thoughts on “Number of BMET Graduating in 2010 vs. Job Projections

  1. i am a boy of 22years and have a diploma in biomedical equipment technology.i want to know my employment prospect in my field.

    1. As reported in this article the BLS predicts the need for approximately 2300 new BMET’s every year between 2008 and 2018. Your particular prospects depend on the degree you currently hold, how well you were taught the requirements of the positions the degree addresses, the success you had in learning those requirements, your people skills and your ability to take advantage of lucky breaks.

      Good luck,
      Joaquin Mayoral, PhD

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