Starting BMET Salary From 2011 Salary Survey

Salaries for professionals with BMET background or education ( A.S., B.S. or DoD Military BMET ) can range widely from $41,000 to $110,00 per year.  The reason for the wide range in salary is the wide range of positions a BMET can fill from BMET I to Director of the Biomedical Engineering Department ( B.S. required ) or a CT or MRI Specialist. Geographical region and experience level also plays a part.    The reported starting BMET I with less than a year of experience for 2011 earned an average of about $41,000.  Starting BMET II jumped to $64,000 in the survey.  There appears to be considerable variation in this number during the past three years.  A.S. degreed individuals can expect to start at BMET I salaries.  B.S. can expect to start at BMET II salaries or better.  Radiology specialists are not listed this year due to lack of data.   Women appear to outperform men in some regions of the country when it comes to compensation. Overall though there appears to be a gender gap that favors men which unfortunately is typical of the rest of the job market.  If you compare to last year you will see that these numbers bounce around from year to year. This is a result of the size of the sample and the varying number of people who actually volunteer information. In my opinion this survey still does a good job of reflecting the salary range and job satisfaction.  Job satisfaction sits at around 91% vs a 45% job satisfaction a sited national average.

( See BMET 2010 Compensation Survey )

NOTE: Compensation varies considerably by region

( See BMET 2010 Compensation Survey by Region )

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