New Graduation Rate Information Resource For Prospective BME and BMET Students

Have you ever wondered just what the size and make up of the individual BME and BMET programs graduating classes were?  This could be an important consideration as you try to figure out the facts from  the hype of the advertising web pages that each program presents.  The information is also good to have in your back pocket as you travel or call the programs to get information about graduation rates and the percentage of graduates that are getting jobs after graduation. A 100% job success rate takes on a different meaning if there were 3 graduates vs. 30 graduates.

What does size of a graduating class have to do with your choice of program? That depends on what the student and their parents want out of the education experience.  You can find this information easily without having to slog through all those web pages at a new blog I have created called Academic Program Information Resource .  Just click on the BME tab and find out what the graduation rates were for the school’s BME program.

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