One Step Closer to Understanding In Situ Limb Regeneration

A group of scientists at University of Florida learned that a particular mouse strain recovered from certain wounds in a very interesting manner. Ashley W. Seifert, et. al found that African Spiny mice ( Acomys kempi and Acomys percivali ) regrow skin tissue and parts of limbs that they loose much like salamanders. Their skin is particularly fragile with tensile energy characteristics which are 77 times less than most other mouse and rat species. As a result when they struggle in an investigators hands the African Spiny mouse skin peels off. Even more remarkably within 30 days the skin replaces itself with little or no scarring.

Limb and tissue regeneration of this type is called autotomization. This article is apparently the first time that skin autotomy has been demonstrated in mammals.

Skin shedding and tissue regeneration in African spiny mice (Acomys)

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