U.S. Not Considered As One Of The Top Ten Innovating Countries in the World

The potential for loosing the edge the U.S. has held in innovation has been predicted ever since we started exporting manufacturing.  The reason is that when manufacturing capability is exported from the U.S. manufacturing plants close here.  One of the trademarks of engineering in the U.S. has been the hands on approach to developing products.  Research and Development engineers creating hardware based products have nearly always worked in synergy with the process engineers in Manufacturing.   That was certainly my experience.  Importantly for graduating engineers the loss of manufacturing means a loss of locations for up and coming design and product development engineers to develop the practical knowledge of what works with the theoretical concepts they learn in the engineering colleges.  See below:

The Importance and Promise of American Manufacturing

The impact can be seen by the recent decline of U.S. innovation as reported below:

The U.S. Drops Out of the Top 10 in Innovation Ranking

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