Number of BMET Graduating in 2016 vs. Job Projections

The good news is that job openings projected by Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) outstrip supply. The BLS projects approximately 4400 replacements required per year for 2016 through 2026. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) results and BLS forecast appears to support anecdotal and published claims of a continuing shortage of qualified BMET’s.

I checked for program content of the M.S. and Ph.D.’s listed by the NCES in the “biomedical technology” degree category which includes BMET programs.  Not including the M.S. and Ph.D. programs about 31% of all the BMET graduating with degrees or obtaining certificates in 2016 were women. That is an increase of about 8 percentage points from 2010. About 18% of the B.S BMET graduates in 2016 were women that is a decrease of about 1 percentage point from 2010. 20% of the A.S. BMET graduates were women. An increase of about the same as 2010. New this year BMET certificates/other were 60% higher than 2010 . Women represent about 52% of this group about 13 percentage points higher than 2010. Women continue to be attracted to this degree in unusually high percentages for an electronics focused technical field.

Overall the BMET conferring colleges and universities do not appear to be increasing the output of graduates at a rate that is keeping up with projected job openings.

Number of BMET Graduates by Degree in 2016
Male Female Total
AS 598 154 752
BS 70 15 85
MS * 1 3 4
PHD ** 2 2 4
Certificates 195 210 405
Total 866 384 1250
* Illinois Institute of Technology
** Oklahoma State University

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