Microsensors Supply the Numbers Behind Gut Feeling

Device packages simplicity, novelty, and customizability to measure the effects of the gut microbiome on brain health Source: IEEE-Spectrum - Fulltext


Saving Lives…With Robots

University of Maryland engineer wants to equip ambulances with medical robots enhanced by machine learning to help trauma patients Assistant Professor Axel Krieger and master's student Anirudh Topiwala test a new robotic system for remote trauma assessment. At the moment of traumatic injury, no physician is present. Emergency medical technicians respond first—they stabilize the patient … Continue reading Saving Lives…With Robots

Shedding Light on the Future of LASIK

A University of Maryland-developed microscopy technique could eliminate the “surgery” aspect of LASIKFischell Department of Bioengineering (BIOE) researchers have developed a microscopy technique that could one day be used to improve LASIK and eliminate the “surgery” aspect of the procedure. Their findings were published in March in Physical Review Letters. In the 20 years since the … Continue reading Shedding Light on the Future of LASIK