Joaquin Mayoral, Ph.D.


A product development professional with proven success in higher education, medical technology and I.T. I have worked extensively with Abbott Laboratories, Rush Presbyterian St Luke’s, and DeVry University. My skills and experience range from the factory floor to the laboratory ( animal, biochemistry, fluid flow and mechanical ) and includes managing national education programs. As a result I have proven innovative skills in multiple areas creating courses and leading programs in bio-medical technology, creating engineering models that guide design, co-inventor of 9 medical device patents, developer of forms based productivity tools, co-editor to two books in process and an Internet marketing approach. I have a knack for making innovative change happen wherever I work. In particular I am specifically oriented towards process improvement and development including software with programming experience and testing experience in Unix Scripting, C++ and Visual Basic.

I have created this website to help improve the education process currently in place for biomedical engineering students by increasing their insight into what they need to know to get a position in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Students should use the information at this website to compare how their programs are preparing them for a career. I have over 20 years of experience in research and development and I intend to give you the best information I can gather about career preparation for this field. Industry representatives interested in having an impact on biomedical engineering curricula are invited to use this forum to give feedback about their industry segment needs and expectations for entry level engineers to the students and the academic community. Your participation will provide the information that will give the students, parents and faculty a clearer picture of the skills and knowledge needed to be a professional engineer in your industry segment. Most importantly it will be available to anyone who is interested on a 24×7 basis.

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    1. Hi Richard,

      There are a number of things that would interest the readers of this blog. How does your Bioengineering program prepare undergraduate students to succeed in a corporate environment and make that university to industry transition? How do you take the feedback you are getting from industry and address the issues in your program? What do you see as the issues of incorporating industry feedback into the curriculum? How has including faculty members with significant medical device industry impacted the curriculum? I would put any reply under the category of Bioengineering Program Feedback. Hopefully we could get a little dialogue going that would be informative. As short paragraph on each question would be fine. Each paragraph would be the subject of a posting. See the Medical Device Industry Feedback category for an example.

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