Remineralization of dentin slices using casein phosphopeptide–amorphous calcium phosphate combined with sodium tripolyphosphate

The remineralization approach mechanically occludes the exposed dentinal tubules mechanically, reduces the permeability of dentinal tubules and eliminates the symptoms of dentin hypersensitivity. The aim of th... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online

Review of automatic continuous distraction osteogenesis devices for mandibular reconstruction applications

Distraction osteogenesis (DO) is an emerging method for bone tissue reconstruction. In oral and maxillofacial reconstruction applications, DO is playing an important role as a technique without the need of bon... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online

Correction to: Detecting focal cortical dysplasia lesions from FLAIR-negative images based on cortical thickness

It was highlighted that the original article [1] contained an error in the Quantitative evaluation of Methods. A bracket was misplaced in the formula. This Correction article shows the incorrect and correct fo... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online

Inhibition of miR-153 ameliorates ischemia/reperfusion-induced cardiomyocytes apoptosis by regulating Nrf2/HO-1 signaling in rats

Previous in vitro studies demonstrated that suppression of microRNAs might protect cardiomyocytes and neurons against oxygen–glucose deprivation and reoxygenation (OGD/R)-induced cell apoptosis. However, wheth... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online

Low-cost equipment for the evaluation of reach and grasp in post-stroke individuals: a pilot study

Reach–grasp movements are motor components commonly affected after stroke and directly related to the independence of these individuals. Evaluations of these activities can be performed using clinical instrume... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online