A comparative analysis of health surveillance strategies for administrative video display terminal employees

The objective of this study was to develop a strategy to optimize medical health surveillance protocols for administrative employees using video display terminals (VDTs). A total of 2453 medical examinations w... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online


Combining dual-tree complex wavelets and multiresolution in iterative CT reconstruction with application to metal artifact reduction

This paper investigates the benefits of data filtering via complex dual wavelet transform for metal artifact reduction (MAR). The advantage of using complex dual wavelet basis for MAR was studied on simulated ... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online

Micromechanical modeling of the contact stiffness of an osseointegrated bone–implant interface

The surgical success of cementless implants is determined by the evolution of the biomechanical properties of the bone–implant interface (BII). One difficulty to model the biomechanical behavior of the BII com... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online