Micromechanical modeling of the contact stiffness of an osseointegrated bone–implant interface

The surgical success of cementless implants is determined by the evolution of the biomechanical properties of the bone–implant interface (BII). One difficulty to model the biomechanical behavior of the BII com... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online


A new method for detecting the outer corneal contour in images from an ultra-fast Scheimpflug camera

The Corvis® ST tonometer is an innovative device which, by combining a classic non-contact tonometer with an ultra-fast Scheimpflug camera, provides a number of parameters allowing for the assessment of corneal b... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online

Sector sensor array technique for high conductivity materials imaging in magnetic induction tomography

Magnetic induction tomography (MIT) is a tomographic imaging technique, which has potential applications in security, industry, and medicine. Typically, sensors form a closed structure around the object. Howev... Source: Biomedical Engineering Online