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Biomedical Industry Feedback Honor Roll – Thank you for making an impact.

Joe Zuzula, Marketing & Sales Manager, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions
Sebastian Eulogio,  Advanced Sterilization Products
Craig  Scherer,  Senior Partner, InSight
Sean Corrigan,  Engineering Program Manager, Insight
Niko Drivas, Sr. Licensing Manager at Abbott Molecular Inc.
Steve Fisher, Production Purchasing Agent, Retired, Abbott Vascular Devices-Femoral Closure ( formerly Perclose )
Chris Moy, Senior Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline
Jonathan Grashow, Design Engineer III, Evaheart Medical
Lance Terrill, Lead PD Engineer, Osteomed LP

Purpose of this website:

This website is designed with the knowledge that people about to make a large investment do a lot of research.  In the case of a college education these days the investment in education is tens of thousands of dollars.  The blog has already had an impact by providing data that was, until I persuaded the organization, not recently available. ( See Odds of Getting Into Medical School With A Biomedical Engineering Degree in 2007 ) The blog is small now but it continues to grow.   The information provided helps the parents and student interested in Biomedical Engineering and BMET make informed decisions about the education they pursue based on healthcare industry feedback and statistical data. It also provides you, the industry professional, with a unique forum to state your needs ( Biomedical Industry Feedback ).   It is unique because it targets both the academic community and the people who decide whether they want to enroll or stay in their programs, potential and current students.  In short the people who pay a significant fraction of the education bill.  I hope you will decide to work with me by encouraging those engineers that are interested in creating a short statement about what they would have liked to know before they got their first engineering position or what they would like to see from entry level engineers. Current contributions can be seen at this link Biomedical Industry Feedback . If you want to contribute your feedback let me know by following this link Contact Form .

You can see my focus on the customer with the question I ask at the top of the website.  I will be calculating a net promoter score from the results.  Richard Reichheld, the creator of the NPS, has a great website that it explains it.

Author’s Experience and skills summary:

I am a product development professional with a history of proven success in higher education, medical technology and I.T. I have worked extensively with Abbott Laboratories, Rush Presbyterian St Luke’s, and DeVry University. My skills range from the laboratory ( animal, biochemistry and mechanical ) to managing national programs. As a result I have proven innovative skills creating multiple courses in bio-medical technology, engineering models, co-inventor of 9 medical device patents, forms based software products, co-editor to two books in process and an Internet marketing approach. I have a knack for making innovative change happen. In particular I am specifically oriented towards process improvement and development including software with programming experience and testing experience in Unix Scripting, C++ and Visual Basic. In addition I bring a culturally sensitive approach to my work environment and have a well developed sense of respect for ethnic diversity. This sensitivity is supported by language skills in Spanish and French that can be brought up to conversational level in short order.

Services Available

  • Front end research on a new technology including patent, literature and vendor search – Is it ready for prime time?  When will it be ready?  What competencies are needed to apply it?
  • Competition research – Where are they, and what are they doing that I don’t already know about?
  • Development of an improved approach to Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Process development in high temperature short processing time sterilization
  • Process development in hydrogen peroxide sterilization
  • Curriculum development of a more career focused Biomedical Engineering Program
  • Curriculum development of a B.S Biomedical Engineering Technology Program

Brief Job History: Search for Joaquin Mayoral at LinkedIn.

Current Activities ;

I am currently searching for a position in either the education or the biotechnology industry which will allow me to apply my skills and knowledge to create new engineers, products or processes. You can contact me using the contact form .

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