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9 thoughts on “One Question

  1. Really enjoyed poking around your site. Lots of good info for someone checking out the industry. Wondering where a good place to get an A.S. degree in California would be….any suggestions on where to look? Thanks.


    1. I would have except I didn’t see a good way of doing it without filling half a page using Polldaddy. However, aesthetics aside you make a good point and I will definitely change it to an 11 point system in the near future.



  2. Results are in for the last three months and the blog’s net promoter score is 50%. According to Richard Reichelds marketing theory that means that more people are likely to recommend this blog to their friends than ignore it. The score is a positive sign that I am on the right track and hitting the mark for this niche. There is still room to get better. Apple for instance has NPS scores in the upper 70’s. My stats have indicated relatively steady growth in traffic over the past three months. Its hard to make a call yet given that we just went through the holidays. Anecdotally it appears from the statistics that when finals came along there was a sharp drop in the number of hits on this site. The holidays also took a toll on traffic. Looks like BME and BMET students take their coursework and holidays seriously!



  3. Ali,

    I appreciate the complement . I hope the blog helps the biomedical engineering and biomedical engineering technology students understand the field of engineering a little better and meet their career goals.



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